• Welcome to Sweets So Geek!!!

    Well, here it is. The official Sweets So Geek webpage.

    A year ago, I made a few chocolates for some friends and family for Christmas. Now, I’m selling chocolates on the internet around the country, branching out into various retail establishments, and even setting out on the convention circuit to get the word out. In other words, I’m already tired.

    So, what am I doing with this website? Honestly, I’m trying to figure it out as I go. My plan to use the site to, of course, spread the news about the happenings for the business, but I’m also going to start posting regular blogs about the way the business is shaping up. Highpoints and low points, difficulties and milestones, I’ll share my experiences here with you.

    I hope you enjoy the journey.

    I hope you enjoy the products.

    And, most of all, I hope to bring you just a smidgen of the joy that this endeavor has brought me.

    Thanks in advance, Sweets So Geekers!!