• Kokomo Con First time Sweet So Geek will sample and sell items on the spot!!!

    Due to red tape and prohibitive pricing, the two events we have attended we had to disappoint many by only taking future orders and not letting anyone actually walk away with geeky yumminess in hand.  This ends on October 19th at KOKOMO CON!!

    We will be sampling the flavors of the BATMAN BACON BITES as well as our cookies.

    Here is the lovely things the people at KOKOMO CON had to say about us:

    "These guys have taken every nerdy niche they can think of and make it in to something every geek (young and old) will love mucnhing on while perusing through the aisles of the convention.  Awesomely terrifying contraptions like the Deathstar are now turned in to a harmless, delicious cookie.  You can turn in to a zombie and munch on some white chocolate brains with oozy filling!  Or take on the entire chocolate Dalek Empire and devour your enemies"

    Check out more information at

    Hope to see some of our current fans as well as meet tons of new people, see you there!!