• Name this New Iron Man Chocolate and Win!!

    Name this New Iron Man Chocolate and Win!!

    Calling all Sweet So Geeks!!! We need your help naming our next custom confection... Tony Stark's been through a lot. From the metal shards trying to pierce his heart to battling alcoholism, he's had it rough. So, give him a break if he's addicted to sweet, scrumptious butterscotch!! Milk chocolate encases a dollop of homemade butterscotch, a blending of brown sugar and sweet cream butter, which meld together into a rich creamy filling.

    Now...what in the heck do we call these tasty treats? The worker bees here at SSG have been racking our brains and...nothing lives up to the tremendous flavor. HELP US!!

    Winner will be the lucky one who is the first to receive a whole 9 piece batch of these oozy, gooey filled chocolates. We want to get these out ASAP so you have until 1/24/14 to either go to our facebook page and comment on the post about this contest  or, if you want to be more secretive, message us directly at Vote now and vote often, more than one name per person will be considered.

    Thanks in advance for the help and good luck!!