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  • Our first annual T-Shirt Design Contest!

    Ladies and Gentleman, far and wide...we are announcing a contest. A contest for the artists out there. We want to make the most killer t-shirts around, and we want to see your designs. And, we're going to pay the winner. Here're the rules: Use our name, Fort Wayne, IN, website (if you want), and it can't cause me to shake my head or have a "conversation" with my kids. The winning design will be printed up and offered for sale, and the winning designer will receive a choice of a cash prize of $75, a store gift certificate of $125, and will receive a portion of all sales of the shirts! Entries can be emailed to, sent via messenger, or strapped to the back of a carrier owl and mailed to us at 3410 N. Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN, 46805! #sweetssogeek#tshirtdesign #contest #cashprize #fameandfortune #artistsunite#callingallartists #overthetopiswherewestart