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  • Thoughts on the fall and all it entails

     It's starting. School has reconvened, temperatures are starting to dip, and I had to pull out an extra blanket. That means that fall is right around the corner, which, for us, means that we're going to be entering the extra busy season here at Sweets So Geek. 

     Maybe it's the unique mix of items and events we offer, maybe it's that people are back from the lakes, vacations, and the general slow down of the summer, or maybe it's that we just pack ourselves full of things to do, but we are always super busy during the fall season. This year is no exception.

     So, we wanted to run down all the amazing things we have going so far to give you a chance to make your plans now or place those special orders early to ensure we can make that special item for you! These are just the events that we've committed to so far! On top of these, we have countless wedding and custom cakes (12 in October alone) and so many other amazing things to create, like new ice cream flavors, special menus, and new treats for the holidays! To say we're busy is an understatement. What this really means is that's it super important to place custom orders early!


     September 2 - One Night D&D adventure, 7:00 pm -finished

     September 9th - Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone free outdoor showing - 7:30 pm

     September 10th - North Anthony Corridor Block Party - 1-6 pm

     September 23 - One Night D&D Adventure - 7:00 pm finished


     October 5th - IPFW Alumni Association Mastodon Roast

     October 7th - Sci-Fi Central - 10-5

     October 7th - Beetlejuice free outdoor showing - 7:00pm-finished

     October 8th - Fort Wayne's Bridal Spectacular & Beyond - 12-4

     October 20-22 - Grand Rapids Comic Con

     October 27 - 3 Year Anniversary Celebration & Stranger Things pajama party