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  • A New Day...A New Dawn...

     It's been an odd time here at Sweets So Geek. We've gone through a lot of changes over the last few months and we're slowly coming out of things stronger and positioned to be better than ever. 

     We've said goodbye to people that have worked for us for what feels like forever. And that was hard. Endings are often more difficult than beginnings. Gravity brings objects together and separating those objects requires a stronger force. Sometimes that force leaves chaos in its wake.

     We've welcomed new faces into the Sweets So Geek kitchen. And that's not always easy. Adapting to new ideas, teaching the ways you do things, evaluating what works and what doesn''s all a process. And it's all change. And, at the end of the day, who truly likes change? Change is abrasive to the calluses that time builds and forces us to new ways of thinking and acting. But, without change, there is no growth.

     We've had to think about the business and the way it's set to grow. We've encountered amazing growth in the last few months, booking more cakes than ever before, developing new partnerships that are exciting, and creating more and more events. Growth is scary. It's great to have it, but it means more...more work...more expectations...more needed to keep things growing. 

     But, through it all, we're on track to make 2018 the best year of Sweets So Geek ever. We've adapted to the changes, altered our way of thinking, and are moving into the future with a hopeful and triumphant smile. 

     Welcome to Sweets 2.0.