Thoughts So Geek - the owner's blog

  • To the past, we say "Thank you." To the future, we say "Here we come!"

     It’s been a while since I've written for this silly blog, but I felt it was necessary to take a moment amongst the craziness of the day and reflect a bit about the upcoming changes happening with Sweets So Geek.

     When we started the retail business in 2014, we deemed it SSG 1.0. Our first attempt at a store, custom bakery, and dessert shop. And we were overwhelmed. First, with the love and support from our families, friends, and the customers who would provide the welcome lift of spirits with their well-wishes, compliments, and love for our space. We were close to home, living within a couple of blocks of the store, and it soon became a second home four our family. We reached out to become a part of the community of businesses and were readily received. We started some new traditions for us and the North Anthony Corridor and things went well.

     And after a couple of years, things started to change. We parted ways with two members of our team and essentially started over, training new folks, expanding and branching out into new things. We called it Sweets 2.0. We even symbolized it by changing up our logo a bit, if you may have noticed. A new version of who we were as a business, what we stood for, and what we wanted to be for us and the community. Life in Sweets 2.0 has been good. We’ve set new records for the number of cakes we’ve created for both celebrations and weddings, started offering classes, both on site and off site, and not just for baking or decorating, but for painting and more. We’ve planned community-wide activities trying to bring together the great businesses on the corridor in a celebration of our neighborhood, and continued cranking out fun and unique items for Fort Wayne.

     And now, we’re getting ready to embark on Sweets 3.0. We’re moving to a new space, away from our comfortable home on the corridor. We’ve been asked many times by many different folks why we are moving, and the easiest way to answer that is that its time. For us, for the business, and for our space, it has reached a point where it made sense for us to move on. It’s bittersweet to be sure. We’ve made friends and partnerships along the North Anthony Corridor and made a ton of memories, so it was a difficult decision to leave. But…

     It allows us to consider so much more! We’re expanding to allow for the business to grow and expand and our location of choice for this is Georgetown Square. We’ve made sure that we’ll be able to continue our movie nights, we hope to enlist the businesses in Georgetown to participate in large events, we’ll have more space for production, decorating, classes, gaming, and meetings, and, for the first time in our history, I’ll actually have an office!

     It’s a frightening prospect. It’s an exciting prospect. And it’s nerve-wracking. But we hope it will all be worth it. This version of Sweets So Geek will hopefully allow us to be the best version of our business, and we hope that you’ll join us for the journey!